Tech Bytes.

Summer technology checklist for businesses

Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — With the summer season upon us in Colorado's Vail Valley, I thought it a good time to put together a quick checklist of items your business should be doing, technology-wise, during the off season and moving into the summer.
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Windows 7 - it just works?


VAIL, Colorado — I'm a PC... and Windows 7 was my idea. OK, not really, but I did finally make the leap and upgrade to see what all the buzz was about.

Now, I've only been a Windows 7 user for… Read more »

Google Earth gets even cooler

Internet Gems, Smartphones, Software

VAIL, Colorado — By now, chances are that you've seen, or at least heard of, Google Earth. Google Earth is a computer application that lets you explore the world from your desktop, via satellite imagery that you can zoom, pan and fly through.
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You can create PDFs - it’s easy

Internet Gems, Software

VAIL, Colorado — Have you ever received a Word document from someone and either not been able to open it or noticed that the formatting and layout appear to be off?

Often with text and word documents, you may have difficulty seeing… Read more »

Vail Tech Bytes: Gadgets track mud-season workouts

Computer Accessories, Internet Gems, Smartphones, Software

VAIL, Colorado — Now that our Vail and Beaver Creek mountains are closed and the outdoor temperatures are slowly rising, many people in the valley have begun turning their attention to whatever activities they can in preparation for the summer months. For me, this means… Read more »

Organizing your tweets and tweeters

Internet Gems, Smartphones, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — The past few weeks we've been going over the various aspects and features of Twitter, so this week we're going to wrap up the Twitter series and talk about lists, favorites and how to connect your account to other social media sites… Read more »

Sharing your tweets and other Twitter topics

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — In the last few Tech Bytes installments, we've gone over the basics of Twitter (If you've missed any of the previous articles, check out, the Tech Articles section on, or follow me on Twitter at 2ndoctobermedia). This… Read more »

A few ways to talk to Twitterers

Internet Gems, Website Tips

In last week's Tech Bytes we covered some of the basics to getting started on Twitter, finding and following other Twitter users, and writing your first tweet. This week, we're going to cover some of Twitter's communication functions.

Twitter is not only… Read more »

A timely tutorial on Twitter and tweets

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — By now I'm sure you've heard the terms Twitter and tweets, but if you're like me, you may be a little slow to have adopted this (relatively) new social media platform. However, I figured that it was about time I take a… Read more »

A whole new language

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — With the continuing rise in popularity of services such as Twitter, IM (instant message), and TXT MSGS (text messages) a whole new language has seemingly emerged, one in which everything is shortened, abbreviated or turned into an acronym to say as much… Read more »

Find that song running through your head

Digital Music, Internet Gems

The other day I was sitting around with a few friends and we started reminiscing about some of the awful music we used to listen to back in middle and high school. We jumped on my laptop and began DJing the soundtrack to our early… Read more »

You can shorten those long URLs

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — Have you ever tried to e-mail a really long Web address to someone and have problems with it either cutting off or not sending properly? Or maybe you want to direct someone to a Web page through a text message, Facebook post… Read more »

A few more ways to backup valuable data

Computer Accessories, Internet Gems, Software

VAIL, Colorado — For the past few weeks we've talked about different ways to backup your computer data, with the focus mainly being on using an external hard drive. This week we're going to wrap up the backup series, with a few alternative backup options.Read more »

External drives can protect your files

Computer Accessories, Software

VAIL, Colorado — In last week's Tech Bytes, we started the first of our short series on the importance of backing up your computer data by going over some points to consider when buying an external hard drive. In this week's Tech Bytes, we'll talk… Read more »

No excuses not to backup data

Computer Accessories, Internet Gems, Software

VAIL, Colorado — Chance are you've heard a horror story or two from someone you know in the Vail Valley or beyond whose computer crashed and they lost all of their data. Or maybe you've had the misfortune of experiencing this first hand.
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Make your own custom ringtones

Internet Gems, Smartphones

VAIL, Colorado — I was in the Bookworm in Edwards enjoying a cup of their fantastic hot chocolate the other day when another patron's phone began to ring. It was one of the default iPhone ringtones, and what caught me by surprise was how many… Read more »

These are a few of my favorite… apps


VAIL, Colorado — In anticipation of Apple's big new product announcement on Wednesday (the long-awaited Apple tablet?) I thought I'd switch gears to mobile phones this week, and share with all you iPhone users some of my favorite iPhone apps to date.
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More Web words you should know

Internet Gems, Search Engine Tips, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — In last week's Tech Bytes column I went over a few terms that all Internet users should familiarize themselves with: browser, domain name, URL and Web hosting. This week I'm going to add a few more buzzwords to the list, centering around… Read more »

A basic guide to Internet terminology

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado — I find it unbelievable how many new terms are constantly being invented these days to describe all of the new and advancing technologies surrounding us.

Even being a tech-savvy person, I have a hard time keeping up with… Read more »

Digital photos books speed up scrapbooking

Internet Gems, Photography

VAIL, Colorado — With the start of a new year, I recently found myself sifting through the numerous digital photos I took last year. While it's difficult to pick out my favorite pictures from the year, it's not so hard to decide what to do… Read more »

How to get the best of Netflix

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — It seems that everyone I know these days is a subscriber to Netflix, the online movie rental company that sends you DVDs in the mail. But I've also noticed that many of the people that I know who have Netflix aren't yet… Read more »

How do you take screen shots, print Web pages?

Internet Gems, Software, Website Tips

Have you ever wanted a way to take a snapshot of the content you're viewing on your screen or wished there was a way to print a Web page without getting all the ads and clutter along with the content?

In this… Read more »

Bing gives back to holiday shoppers

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado — With the holiday shopping season upon us in Colorado's Vail Valley, everyone is looking for last-minute deals on those items still left on gift lists. While there are no shortages of in-store and online sales going on right now, it's hard… Read more »

Web Browsers 101: What they do and why you should keep them updated

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — While working with a client recently, they asked me a really good question about why a Web site looks different from one computer to another. While there are a couple of reasons for these differences, one of the biggest factors in determining… Read more »

Five holiday-themed Web sites

Internet Gems

VAIL, Colorado — Now that the turkey has been stuffed, cooked and devoured, I suppose it's time to start looking toward the upcoming holidays in the Vail Valley. So to kickoff the holiday season, this week's Tech Bytes has five great Web sites to help… Read more »

It’s time to update your Web site if ...

Internet Gems, Search Engine Tips, Website Tips

Vail Daily Article Nov. 23, 2009VAIL, Colorado - In my column last week, I went over a few reasons why all businesses, big and small, should have a Web site. But… Read more »

No reason for a business not to have Web site

Internet Gems, Website Tips

VAIL, Colorado — A couple of weeks ago I had a Vail Valley business owner approach me and tell me that he wanted to have a Web site built, but that he was only doing it because someone else had told him he needed one.… Read more »

Music moves without iPod

Digital Music, Software

A few weeks ago my trusty iPod finally gave out on me after years of use and abuse. While it was a sad day when I could no longer coax it into booting up without giving me the dreaded “sad Mac” face, I decided not… Read more »

Stitch panoramas with free software

Photography, Software

VAIL, Colorado — While Colorado's state motto, Nil Sine Numine (nothing without the Deity), may have been appropriate back in the 1860s when it was first adopted, my personal motto for Colorado has always been “Photographer's Paradise,” and for good reason.

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AP Mobile keeps smartphones informed

Smartphones, Software

Late last month, Apple announced that over two billion mobile apps had been downloaded by iPhone users from over 85,000 choices available in the app store.

While Apple has by far the biggest mobile application selection available, many other smartphone companies… Read more »

Save a Mint; track spending

Internet Gems, Software, a free, online financial planning tool, is easy to use and helps you track your spending habits

Being the owner of a small business, I’ve lately become much more aware of my finances. Even though I’ve always considered myself fiscally responsible,… Read more »

Making digital photos fun

Photography, Software

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado — I'll admit it: I have an addiction. The kind of addiction that takes over when I least expect it. The compulsive — no, obsessive — kind of addiction where I just can't help myself. Hi, my name is Jessie, and I'm… Read more »

Google does more than search

Internet Gems, Search Engine Tips

VAIL, Colorado — Autumn in Colorado's Vail Valley signals a time of significant change in the world around us — aspen trees light up the hillsides in golden designs, the weather can shift from 80 degrees to snow in a matter of hours, children are heading… Read more »

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