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General Information

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Site Content

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Page of Business Information (About Us)
Client List
Case Studies
Project Portfolio - If yes, please estimate how many pieces will be included:
Helpful Hints, Trade Secrets, FAQs page
Articles - If yes, please estimate how many will be listed:
User Guides
Contacts Page
Inquiry Form(s) - If yes, please estimate how many forms will be needed:
Newsletter Subscription Form
Events Calendar
Latest News Section
Press Releases
Links to Related Web Sites
Search Facility
Audio/Video Player
Job Listings
eCommerce/Online Store - If yes, please estimate how products will be included:
Photo Galleries - If yes, please estimate how many galleries will be needed:
Detailed Tracking/Statistics
Chat Functionality
User Registration
Content Management System (backend system to allow client updating capabilities)

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Other Considerations

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Domain Registration
Web Site Hosting
Site Maintenance/Updates Service Plan
Graphic Design: Menus, Brochures, Presentations, more
Logo Design
E-mail Newsletters, E-mail Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising
Search Engine Optimization (ranking higher in search engine results)
Site Analytics Reporting
Videography/Video Editing
Social Media Marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, more)

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